The end of school

These days I have the impression that someone has pushed a fast forward button on our project. I am now writing about our last meetings with the students and it’s strange that we already got to this point, but probably this is how EVS projects go, from slow motion to fast forward.

Last week we had our first goodbyes. School ends, and so do our workshops, thus we organized our last meetings with the students. In Istituto Maria Ausiliatrice we were covered with hugs from the little students, then we attended one of their last rehearsals for the “Giovanni Talenti” Festival, held every school year. They wrote a song about solidarity and tolerance and then created a dance to go with it that we found very nice.

In Liceo Scientifico “Antonio Guarasci”, i ragazzi e ragazze delle terze (the students in the 3rd year of highschool) came on an afternoon to see our last workshop. This time the workshop was about our countries, My Romania & My Slovakia presentations all together in the same class and, of course, a final evaluation of the project. We haven’t have time to speak more about our countries until now, but we wanted that at least at the end of our collaboration they have an overview of where we come from. This is also an important part of an EVS project, promoting our cultures, and we enjoyed every little bit of that.

Afterwards we looked at pictures and  went through the activities we did together, we were surprised of how cold February was, we laughed at funny pictures and we appreciated our time together. After, we were surprised with beautiful letters written by each class and nice gifts to say “thank you” to all involved.

The school director also seemed content about this new opportunity for young people and he encouraged them to be open to whatever is outside Italian borders, as this should prepare them for the future. It was a challenge and a great experience to do non-formal activities in school and apparently the students also enjoyed it a lot. Here’s a short extract from one of the letters we received, which made us be proud of our work and happy of our impact:

“Your classes have been very meaningful to us; the topic has been remarkable – we were very interested in such a complex subject: the EU. Nowadays, young people don’t really care about the EU institutions, how they work and what being an EU citizen means. In spite of this, by your energy and great effort, you made us feel part of an Europe founded on common values; we learned about our rights and duties as EU citizens, you gave us the answers we needed and you’ve always been enthusiastic. Additionally, we we believe that you are great examples of the European youth we are looking up to. Besides, your interactive games have been thrilling and emerging – it’s a new way of learning we have never experienced before”

We thank the students for their kind words and hope they will continue this journey of discovering what lies behind mass-media articles and political discourse, hoping they will grow up to be informed citizens who contribute to the development for better societies and, why not, better EU context.

The meeting ended in a non-formal way of saying goodbye which we enjoyed very much. The video is available here.

Grazie mille e enjoy summer!

Andra & Dia



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