EU motto in a primary school in little Soverato

Today we had one of our last meetings in Istituto Fille Maria Ausiliatrice, working with children between 9 to 11 years old. The topic of the day was “United in diversity”, or “Unità nella diversità”, in Italian. Why this topic? Because it is the motto of the European Union, used since 2000 as one of the symbols of the EU. It represents the European people working together, united, towards peace and prosperity. It is true that in the actual political and social European context it is hard for us, adults, to imagine a bright future for Europe, but children help us keep our hopes up.

The pupils created a collage with words and pictures from Italian magazines to represent the motto. At the end of the class, they received the map of the EU, together with useful information about how to travel abroad as an European citizen.  Some pictures can be found below:




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