Back to school

It’s been a while since I went inside a school. Yes, of course, I remember the thrills and excitement, the curiosity, some of my colleagues, a few memorable teachers and what it meant to be a high school student in Romania some years ago. But I haven’t been inside a school in quite some time.

Apparently, I had to fly all the way here, to Soverato, to remember all of these. The first time I heard the bell ring in Istituto Fille Maria Ausiliatrice (IFMA), it felt like a sound coming from the past. But I quickly changed the students’ perspective with the teacher’s one. Luckily, the workshops I am doing are based on non-formal education, which I prefer compared to the classic formal educational methods. In Istituto Fille Maria Ausiliatrice, I work with students aged 9-11, which is quite a challenge, since they don’t speak English. Thus, my Italian learning was just pushed on fast forward and now, after 2 months, I can almost do an entire lesson in Italian. Also thanks to the teachers (and even the students!) who correct me on a daily basis, my Italian gets better and better. The most useful phrase I learned so far is ” Scusa si a volte faccio degli errori”, which means “Sorry if I sometimes make mistakes”. Quite handy, no?

Some key-aspects I dealt with so far are a little bit of history of the European Union, the member states, the UK & Brexit (shortly) and European values – which could easily be also universal values, in my view. The latest two classes,  Diana and I presented our home countries, but more on that on another post.

Here are some pictures from our lessons (credits: Diana Takácsová)


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