EVS with a new friend

One month after my arrival, my EVS colleague Dia came to Soverato all the way from Slovakia. A very nice change of atmosphere, because it’s always much better to share your experience with someone. And as Soverato is quite small, with very few young people around, Dia’s arrival was even more welcome.

The first trip we took together (the first from a very long list, as we are both travelers) was to Soverato Superiore, the upper part of Soverato, which is a 20 minutes walk up hill from our city. Passing by olive trees and cactus plants, we arrive to the small village. In the first piazza, some people greeted us and asked us if we are Spanish. It is always fun to discover how people here associate us with many different countries, but never with our real ones. We got directions to visit the old church and Soverato Vecchia, the ruins of the old village. Here, in almost all Calabrian villages we visit, the story always begins with “There was once an earthquake…”. The South was marked by many earthquakes along history which destroyed villages and cities, forcing people to move to another place near-by – a sad reality in this part of the world.

Along the way, an old man stopped and asked us who we are and what we are looking for there. Probably Italians here are not used to see tourists when it’s not the summer season, because we get that question A LOT. I spoke with him in French, he was speaking quite fluently. Later I found out it was because he used to live in France for 18 years, near Strasbourg. He offered us Kumquat from his garden and told us how to eat them, because you’re not supposed to peel them, but eat them as whole.

At the end of our small conversation, I asked him why he came back to Calabria. The answer was “Because my home is here”. And indeed, he had a very beautiful home, and the view from Soverato Superiore is breath-taking.

Pictures credits: Diana Takácsová



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