Soverato, nice to meet you!


I am Andra and I come from Cluj, a large city in North-West Romania. I arrived to Soverato, Cantazaro Province, Calabria Region in Italy on the 3rd of February 2017 to be an EVS volunteer, working with JUMP – Gioventù in riSalto Association on developing a non-formal education curricula for local schools (more info about that in the following posts).

What you should know about Soverato is that it is a very beautiful small town in Southern Italy. My first impression when I arrived here was that I started a challenging adventure. Entering a small community might be difficult at first, but I am sure that along the way I will discover many interesting things.

My first Sunday I took a walk on the seafront with Erika, my Italian coordinator at JUMP. The weather was quite warm for a February day and many people where out, enjoying the sunshine. As typical in small communities, everyone seemed to know everyone and moving from one side to the other – a walk which typically would take 10 minutes – takes much more time, since you stop and say hello many, many times. People are open and curious to find out who you are and why you are here. In Rome or Naples, a stranger would probably be invisible but here you are definitely noticed.
The symbol of Soverato is the sea horse (“cavalluccio marino”, in Italian, or “căluț de mare” in Romanian).

Another wonderful thing about living here is that I get to eat the local traditional food and try out new vegetables, meat and cheese products and, of course, Calabrian pizza!


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