The end of school

These days I have the impression that someone has pushed a fast forward button on our project. I am now writing about our last meetings with the students and it’s strange that we already got to this point, but probably this is how EVS projects go, from slow motion to fast forward. Last week we…

Experience Italy

It’s great to meet locals and see how a network of producers and restaurants work together to prepare delicious local food for their clients.

BREXIT, still a hot topic in the South of Italy

Working on political themes with high school students is not easy, as one always need to ensure a minimum level of objectivity, but one thing is sure – the question whether BREXIT is a success or a failure of democracy still remains in our minds.

Two countries and a puzzle

Using the notes they took in class, the Geography Atlas, a list of key words in English and Italian and logical thinking, the pupils solved the puzzle in small groups and seemed to enjoy learning by doing.

Impressions from teachers (1)

Grazie a questo progetto i bambini hanno visualizzato, riconosciuto, imparato sull’Atlante, al planisfero, su Google maps…

My Slovakia

Slovakia is a small country located in Central Europe, bordering Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine. But what else should one know one about my ‘home’?

My Romania

How can you present a country with such a long an complicated history in 50 minutes to 9-11 yo students? I would normally speak about social and civic movements, about our film industry in recent years and the Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF)

Spring activities with students from Spain

Spring has arrived to Calabria. I was lucky enough to meet Miguel and Aaron, two Spanish students from Granada, who were attending a project on environment and agriculture organized by ARPA and JUMP.

Back to school

The first time I heard the bell ring in Istituto Fille Maria Ausiliatrice (IFMA), it felt like a sound coming from the past. But I quickly changed the students’ perspective with the teacher’s one.

From Central Europe to Calabria

It’s the 1st of March, 9:35 pm: I’m stepping out of the plane at a place I don’t know, yet it will become my home for the next half year.

EVS with a new friend

One month after my arrival, my EVS colleague Dia came to Soverato all the way from Poland/Slovakia. A very nice change of atmosphere, because it’s always much better to share your experience with someone.